Thursday, 22 March 2012

Getto resonators

Resonators on guitars have been around for a long time. As well as making a guitar louder they give it a different tone.Drobro resonators are a classic example. I had been wanting to incorporate a resonator into one of my cigar box guitars for a long time.

I started to look at other peoples designs and builds and although they all looked very good and often sounded awesome to I was always put off by was having to sacrifice the straight through neck to achieve this. After a while I gave up on the idea.

Then one day while watching a video by Shane Speal I noticed he was playing a guitar with a simple resonator made out of a tin can lid under the bridge. I really like the sound of this guitar. So I made my own

 You can hear the guitar  being played hear

I guess the conclusion is you can make a simple resonator out of a tin can lid and you dont need to lose the straight through neck.

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